To claim an existing listing, simply search for your listing, and click the  “Claim this listing” button located on the right side of the listings banner image.

Click ‘Claim this listing’ on the listing you would like to claim.

You will then be directed to the “Claim Listing” page, where you can enter the email you would like to use to claim the listing. Please note, this will be your log in email for Easy Thera.

If you do not already have an account, please enter your email address.

Click “Register Account”. You should shortly receive two, emails from Easy Thera: 1) An email to set your password for your Easy Thera account; 2) Your claim details, which will remain pending until approved by an Easy Thera moderator.

PLEASE NOTE: To speed up the process of approval, please use a business email address (ex. If a third-party email (gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) is used, Easy Thera may call your office to confirm your identity.